How To Make the Most of a 10’ Shipping Container

When you are young and just getting out of college, you may not have much stuff to tote back home.  However, when you’re single, young, and living in a tiny one bedroom apartment or studio apartment, you have started to acquire more things and it won’t be that simple to move this time.  Therefore, when it comes time to relocate for a new job or looking to experience living in another state, how do you determine if a 10’ shipping container is the right size?

First, you need to assess how much furniture you have and how big those pieces are.  What size is your bed? Do you have a large sofa, a medium sized loveseat or perhaps you only have a tiny reclining chair?  What about the kitchen and dining room table?  Maybe you have a counter where you eat your meals so a table with chairs is not necessary.

Then there is the entertainment center unit, which consists of a tv, stereo system, and lots of shelving.  If you are like most young kids living in their first place, you have a small tv that is on top of a small table, nothing fancy at all.

Second, once you have taken inventory of all your furniture and belongings, you can decide of the 10’ shipping container is too large or too small.  Chances are, if you like a simple like with a small bed, no dining room table or entertainment unit, a 10’ container is just the right size for you.

If you are really the engineer type, you can measure the few pieces of furniture and design a map of where each piece will fit inside your 10’ container, then you know if you have enough space.  To give you a good perspective on the size of a 10’ container, here are a few things that can fit inside:

  • Reclining Chair
  • Twin Size Mattress
  • Small Dresser
  • Bicycles

What’s also nice about a 10’ shipping container is the other options you can use it for.  One option is a storage unit for when you need to replace existing flooring and clear out a room, yet you and need a dry, covered area to place furniture inside, this fits the bill.  Another idea is to use it as a storage shed for gardening or even a storage unit for your motorcycle or moped.

The best thing about using a 10’ shipping container is it’s compact enough to use in your backyard, driveway or on the side of your home as it’s not too large or cumbersome.  It is also the perfect compact size to store those items you don’t want to leave in your garage.  And when it comes time to move your young adult son or daughter into an apartment, you have just enough space inside the unit to fill with their minimal amount of belongings to ship out of state or the other side of town, to start their new life in their new place.